Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mission & Vision

Greetings to all,
You are very welcome to this web site.
In this page I want to share the purpose of creating this website.Besically this website gives you data regarding odisha state .Odisha is a very beautiful state among all the state of india. It is situated at the east site of india map & it’s capital is Bhubaneswar.Basically odisha is famous for Shreejagannath Temple. Beside that ,In odisha there are lots of tourist visiting place,nature beauty,historical places & spiritual places. Some were very famous and some were not bring out to public media till now. Through this website I want to share some details about odisha state,its major cities, its culture, tourist visiting place & distance from its capital. All the visiting places were categorising differently. After visiting place,I have also share some major foods of odisha state.So basically this website is for travel & food lover.

Before proceeding to other ,first we want to introduce our self,

I am Er.Subhrakanta Mohapatra,basically from cuttack,Odisha.I have visited many of the tourist places in odisha.When ever I have search any data regarding tourist places in odisha online,i can’t find maximum data. By creating this website I want to share my personal travel experience to any place of odisha and share some genuine data,photos and video clips of tourist place.All the data provided in this web site is true as the best of my knowledge.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Subhrakanta Mohapatra

I am Er. Suryakanta Mohapatra(DJ Surya),basically from cuttack,Odisha . I have already published some blogs online. All my blogs were related to DJ music.I have also very much interested in photography. By this website I have share my best photographs related to odisha tourist place. Again I have also design this website & I hope this will be user friendly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Suryakanta Mohapatra