Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Harishankar temple, Balangir

Harishankar, As the name says that it is the place where both Hari(Vishnu) & Shankar(Siva) were worshiped. This is a most peaceful location of Odisha surrounded by deep forest, hill & waterfall. Harishankar is situated at Balangir district & about 392 km from Bhubaneswar via Angul-Redhakhol & sonepur road. You can reach here by bus or any private vehicle. The road is suitable for both bus & four wheeler. The distance between Balangir town to Harishankar is about 77km .Also you can reach Balangir by train. The atmosphere of this place is very peaceful & spiritual. The temple is located on one Sade of Gandhamardhana hill & on the other side of hill another temple Nursinghanath is situated. From the top of the hill a small waterfall is falling which is a beautiful attraction for tourist.A small deer park is located at the bottom of gandhamardhana hill which is another attraction. The best time to visit here is from December to February .You can arrange picnic party at the bottom of the hill.

So viewers this is all about harishankar.

Here is some snap and videos for you, hope you will enjoy it.

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Harishankar gate
Harishankar temple

Harishankar 1
Harishankar 2

Harishankar 3

Harishankar 4

Harishankar Waterfall

 At Harishankar 


Harishankar  Waterfall

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