Monday, May 15, 2017

Dahibara Aloodum || Famous old street food

Hello friends,
In this blog I have introduce you a very Famous old street food of odisha, i.e,”DAHIBARA ALOODUM”. Actually in odisha cuttack city is famous for dahibara & aloodum. But now a days it is found every city across odisha. It is a very testy & delicious food. In the city of cuttack there were some old seller of dahibara & aloodum located in CDA,Stadium,Badambadi & Dolamundai whose dahibara  test is awesome. Dahibara is basically made up of Vada immerse into dahi(Curd). The total plate consisting of some dahibara,aloodum with gravy, some onion  & some fried sev.

So friends whenever you come to odisha don’t forget to eat this delicious food.


Dahibara in cycle at cuttack

Dahibara stall at cuttack

Delicious Dahibara-Aloodum

In future we will update the procedure of Dahibara-Aloodum Making at home