Saturday, May 13, 2017

How to make Karanji pitha in Odia style || recipe by Trip2odisha

Karanji pitha is traditional food of Odisha .In festival time karanji pitha prepare.So here is the procedure of karanji pitha preparation  in odia style.


For dough:-

Maida -200 gm
Ghee -50 gm
Warm Milk – 1 Cup
Pinch of salt

For filling:-

Dry grated coconut -2 Cup
Sugar – 100 gm
Some Nuts:-Cashew, kismis (Raisin)
Some elaichi
Some Ghee for fry

Heat the pan,
apply the ghee on pan
Fry the dry grated coconut, nuts, elaichi & some sugar
Wait some time for fry these item.
After that take maida,ghee & pintch of salt mixed it properly.
Then apply the warm milk on it & mix it.
Your dough is ready.

Make a small small ball in dough.
Then make it like chapatti/roti.
Keep the filling item in the middle of chapatti/roti
And seal it with the help of water.
Then fry it in ghee.

Your karanji pitha is ready to eat.