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Srabana yatra | bol bom place in odisha

Srabana yatra is known as Bol bom yatra. During the month of Srabana,Hindus consider it auspicious to pour on lord shiva linga. Devotes carry water from rivers on pot from a distance to lord shiva temple.Their is several rituals associated with the journey which is difficult  and painful.

Earlier their is less number of such devotes,Mostly male.But now a days such type of devotes has grown.Also ladies have started going in Bol bom yatra.

In this Bol bom yatra devotes wear saffron color T-shirt and shorts.Everywhere they known as Kawariyas. They walk miles and miles in barefoot and bring pure water from river or pond to pour it over his favorite lord shiva temples all over the state.

Another interesting thing is, when kawariya walk in road they sing a song "Bol bom.... Har har bom...Jatia baba par karega.....Bhola baba par karega......Kailashpati par karega.....Parbati pati par karega........Ganesha Father par karega...." for creating spiritual environment.

There is some list of popular Lord shiva temple in odisha given below for you....

1-Lokanath temple,Puri (72 km)             *All distance calculate from Bhubaneswar
2-Akhandalamani temple,Bhadrak (138 km)
3-Hatakeswara temple,Atri (43 km)
4-Bhaskareswara temple,Bhubaneswar (9 km) 
5-Brahmeswara temple,Bhubaneswar (9.4 km)
6-Kedargouri temple,Bhubaneswar (8.5 km)
7-Lingaraj temple,Bhubaneswar (8.9 km)
8-Mukteswara temple,Bhubaneswar (8.3 km)
9-Rajarani temple,Bhubaneswar (8.1 km)
10-Beleswara beach temple,Puri (73.2 km)
11-Chandaneswar temple,Balesore (281 km)
12-Dhabaleswar temple,cuttack (31.3 km)
13-Kapilash temple,Dhenkanal (82.2 km) (78 km via Nandankanan road)
14-Ladubaba temple,Nayagarh (96.7 km)
15-Panchalingeswar temple,Balesore (192 km)
16-Harishankar temple,Balangir (420 km)
17-Paramhansa nath temple,Cuttack (36.8 km)
18-Gadagadya temple,Cuttack (23.6 km)
19-Murga mahadev temple,Keonjhar (282 km)
20-Gokarnika temple,Jajpur (78.2 km)
1-Lokanath temple
2-Akhandalamani temple
3-Hatakeswara temple
4-Bhaskareswara temple
5-Brahmeswara temple
6-Kedargouri temple
7-Lingaraj temple
8-Mukteswara temple
9-Rajarani temple
10-Beleswara temple

11-Chandaneswara temple
12-Dhabaleswara temple
13-Kapilash temple
14-Ladubaba temple
15-Panchalingeswara temple
16-Harishankar temple
17-Hasnsnath temple
18-Gadagadia temple
19-Murga mahadev temple
20-Gokarnika temple
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