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Bhattarika Temple |Athagarh Tour |Best Picnic place in odisha

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Hi readers ! Welcome to In this article I will share my experience during my Maa Bhattarika temple visit . I will say you how to reach Maa Bhattarika temple from Bhubaneswar ? What is the best time to visit ? How to plan your vacation ? The Restaurant nearby this place and what I experienced ? 

Bhattarika Temple |Athagarh Tour |Best Picnic place in odisha

About Maa Bhattarika

Bhattarika temple is one of the most famous temple of odisha which is situated near Badamba,Athagarh on the bank of mahanadi river of Cuttack district.Maa Bhattarika temple is surrounded by the magnificent view of the river plains and the beautiful range of Ratnagiri mountains. Here maa Bhattarika worshiped as a demonstration of Shakti. There is also a stone path that leads to the hilltop. It's like a mini trek to the highest point of the mountain with small temples and caves on the way.

At the top of hill you can see Maa astalaxmi temple,Panchamukhi hanuman temple, Parashurama cave and minar.

According to a popular legend, Parashurama carved the image of the goddess in the tip of his arrow. Here Parashurama did penance to obtain mercy of the deity to kill Sahasrarjuna.

The main festival Pana Sankranti in April, Akshaya Tritiya in May and Dussehra in October is celebrated at Maa Bhattarika temple.

How to reach:-
Bhattarika temple is situated at the distance of approx. 90 km from state capital bhubaneswar.
You can reach here by hiring private taxi.

By Bus:-
The bus route is Badamba-Athagarh route.
Any time you can find bus from Cuttack badambadi bus stand.
By Railway:-
Nearest railway station Cuttack
By Air:-
Nearest airport Bhubaneswar

Nearest Attraction:-
DeoJhar waterfall (30 km)
kantilo Nilamadhav(39 km)
Ladubaba,Sarankul(80 km)
Ansupa Lake (51 km)

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